Wednesday, December 26, 2007

I have not updated for a year, WOOOOO!!!!!

9:35 AM

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Today was the last day i got to see the buttholes from school. Well i gotta say i may miss some of them. So anyways when i got to school, i had my usual nap. Then we had to sing the national anthem. I hav to say, nobody sang the damn song. There i was, the retard standing on my chair, using the friggin broomstick as my microphone to sing the effin song. And the whole lot just stared at me...Well ok, maybe i was just being an idiot. Oh well. So played chinese chess(I practically suck at it)till recess came. Then ate maggi mee and went to play wif the others. Then went fer a drink wif the muscle dude. When I came back, I was feeling high and hyper so i decided to hav some fun... Paul found some realli gay clothes and we tried em on...We looked like idiots...So then we gave Ming hao a hyper wedgie that he'll never forget. Haha, then isaiah tried to strip me( sick fella) so i decided to play along and did some messed up stuff to him.Then chinese chess again. So then it was goodbye and i gave hugs all around. Then went out wif the others to j8. Had me lunch, and took neoprints(i was forced). Then we went shopping!!!!!(i'm not realli that enthusiastic about it in real life)Then Gwen started becoming embarassed and i didn't realli know why so i came up wif some realli lame shit questions...At the time she left us, she gave me a glass bottle(whispers**i'm not tellin, go eff urself) then went to wen tings place to play cs and lf2...well my parents are like friggin pissed wif me bcoz of me phone bill...oh well (for those who find this post gay. If i realli were one, my profile would say: I'm a hot transsexual dude whu likes banging hot indian man!) kae thats it....

4:53 AM

Friday, November 10, 2006

kae today not bad lah wnt to school even though i din plan do...did the usual crap then played bball and had lunch...went home to be emo in my room...then play com...go jogging wif bentan and colin...the idiots threw colins bike over the stadium bcoz the person there din allow them to bring it in lol... so jogged 10 rounds then finish coz raining...erm then we went fer a drink...colin spilt ice over the floor(oso dunno why) then the uncle scold...bentan ran away i followed him afterwards then went, dinner and com again...sry for writing this post wif no enthusiasm at all ppl...feelin kinda tired rite now bzzz...

5:47 AM

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

today was kinda slack...woke up at 9.30...finally i got some real i did my thing in the bathroom (for those wif dirty minds, i meant bathe)then i played the com...then go lunch wif my mum and nvr eat my fav food..but still quite ok la...aniwayz came back home, then tune my guitar and played for awhile...then go play com again...after that slept for bout 2 to 3 hours...wake up and exercise...then go eat dinner at heartland fun of my bro who's workin at de ice cream i'm here haha...kae signing off

5:32 AM

Monday, November 06, 2006

so, when i woke up today... i was feeling kinda itchy... down there...mus be bcuz of the record breaking wedgie i gave myself. aniwayz got up kinda late...paps was kinda cranky...went to school and played the usual...chinese chess uno etc etc..bla bla bleah shyt hav eu ani it went on and on and on and on...till the end of school... went to lunch wif marcus(tall dude) and isaiah...chicken rice served up as usual...then went to de playground to hang out awhile...then took the bus home, and went to sleep for awhile...then i practiced guitar bfore doin wad i'm doin lets get back to the wedgie...dat oh so famous underpants came as high as my darn boobs! not dat i hav boobs but i thought about changing over to boxers...but mani of my frens tell me that ur lil buddies tend to sag in boxers...ok too much info rite...wadever thats all i'm blogging for today

11:23 PM

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

vvvvvvvvvvvvery borrringgg dddaayyyyy tooooddday! i woke up on the floor, feelin real constipated, so went to school and did nothing as usual...went for a cat high promo teach saw my earring and shouted at me to give it to her, but i jus walked off... some of me classmates stole me stuffz...didn noe they were so effin childish...stupid effers...i mean like jeez, get a effin life then i went home...fell asleep, went online, slept again...then went outside to practice...and went to other dudes were already there when i came...after dat they went fer dinner or sum it all off, now i dont onli hate butter...i hate jam too...zzzzzzzz

5:20 AM

Monday, October 30, 2006

woke up pretty tired today... went to school...veri sian day...finally learned how to play chinese chess lol, but i suk at it haha...had cup noodles wif chocolate milk fer lunch...sounds stupid but it actually tastes quite played some com, then went to sleep...after dat went out to practice juggling...then came home, bathe and had a sumptiliciousousnice dinner...then slept awhile i'm blogging...

5:48 AM